Friday, July 27, 2012

Book of ideas

Hi all,
It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post :)
Today it was a good occasion for me to visit Blogger as I've published my Book of ideas, it's available now on
Please have a look at the preview and let me know what you think:

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm happy to add infographics to my design offer.
The first one I did for – a new and a very successful Irish organisation.
Please have a look and let me know if you'd like to have something similar (or better) for your business.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Nice old postcards gallery

"Memories sent from the past" says the website's title.
It's an invitation to a nostalgic trip across series of old postcards from a private collection.
Portraits, images of war, Art Nouveau... Charming, sometimes funny - definitely a good opportunity to come back in time and appreciate the old (and so different from this what we have now) art of postcards design.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not too bad!

I thought nobody reads my blog - that's why I stopped writing there quite a while ago - but today I've checked its statistics for the very 1st time to discover I had 6,198 views till date! Wow, I'm impressed, especially by some keywords people used to get there, eg. this one: "aga grandowicz zainteresowania" ("aga grandowicz hobby") :D
If some of you want to keep up to date with my art of design projects, please visit my social media pages:
You can also join me on LinkedIn or Twitter!

Thank you :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

When design meets functionality

Today I moved my design & illustration studio from Wellington Lane in Dublin 4 to Wellington Quay in Dublin 2. This caused the need to update my email signatures and business cards. I decided to do something creative with my QR codes and that's the result :)

Try to scan the codes and see where they will take you. They are different!

If you want to have something similar (I'm sure you do!) all you need is a QR codes generator - for example this one:
and a graphic design software; I used Photoshop.

Generate your code in few simple steps; type your site's address (including http://), choose v.6 as the code's version, error correction 30& and the module's size - I picked 0.1 inch.

Now you have to figure out what picture you want to have embedded in the code; it doesn't need to be either black & white or pixelated - it all depends on you :) Feel free to use a full resolution holiday picture if it fits your concept.

While scanning QR codes there's always a margin for mistakes - that's why we can play around with our codes but we have to stay away from the corners. The safe area is in the middle and because I chose 30% for the error correction I had quite a big field to maneuver. There's a way to calculate how many pixels can be changed but I wasn't going to be that precise - I found it easier just to cover the middle of the code with a mask (white square), scan it and see if it works. It did, so I started filling my safe area with the chosen picture. If it doesn't scan, you have to reduce your mask until it works. As simple as that.

Do you need any help with your designs? My design studio AGRAND will be happy to assist you :) Just call (+353) 1 881 8802 or email

Kind regards,
Aga Grandowicz
Art Director and Creative Graphic Designer

AGRAND 2-5 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
T: (+353) 1 881 8802
M: (+353) 085 715 3449

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Murals from offers a wide variety of styles and designs for your book, magazine or even wall.

Do you own a publishing house? Creche or a Montessori school? Are you creative/art director working in an advertising agency or a graphic design studio? Please write to or call (+353) 1 881 8802 if you need help with your projects.

New website for DUFFYS OF BALLYBIN

We've launched a new website for my client - I hope you will like it! :)