Monday, January 25, 2010

Auteur animation - lecture

For all who like artistic independent animation - 31st January 2010, from 7pm I will have a short lecture about auteur animation supported by movies of the style’s masters (brothers Quay, Jan Svankmajer, Jerzy Kucia, Piotr Dumala, Witold Giersz, Norman McLaren, Ryan Larkin and others). As a bonus I'll show my few movies.

Place: Centre for Creative Practices, 15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2

Info: agrand[at]agrand{dot}ie, info{at}cfcp[dot]ie

The lecture won't be ticketed but all donations for the CFCP will be warmly welcomed.

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Agnieszka said...

Hi all,

Thank you for coming to my presentation yesterday - I didn't expect such a crowd of people... Well done all, I hope you enjoyed it :)

Some of you asked me about the list of authors and movies I was presenting; here you are:

*Brothers Quay
- Crocodile Street
- Are we still married

*Piotr Dumala
– A Gentle Spirit (or A Gentle Woman as you can find these two translations)
– Little Black Riding Hood

*Jerzy Kucia
– Tunning the instruments

*Witold Giersz
– Small western

*Norman McLaren
– Dots
– Neighbours

*Ryan Larkin
– Walking
– Syrinx

*Jurij Norstein
– Tale of tales

*Jan Svankmajer
– Quiet week in the house

and my 3 shorts:
- Martha's hand
- Iluzjon
- Mrs Agnieszka

I hope to see you next time when I'll be showing my newest films
(lets say it will be the nearest future :)

All the best,

Aga Grandowicz